Mike's . . .  Hot Rod Garage


1983 Toyota 4WD Pickup

Way Too Many Modifications To List

Owner: Jack Howard

Completed March 2002


These are "Before Pictures" . . . Jack Came to me and said "I put it together and it won't run . . . help" 

Is a picture worth a thousand words or what?

See. . . It really is a 350 in a Toyota .  .  .  

What did we do to this???

Gutted all wiring, analog computer that was present was blown, no fan (no cooling), and so on.

Install new Accel Gen 7 computer, move MSD under dash, rewire entire front half, install new audio system, fabricate new dash panels, install new line loc (old one frozen), move grille & radiator forward, install fan, dial in, more . . .

Completed pictures to come soon - just need to schedule time


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